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These resources are designed to help consumers make good decisions about the products they need to improve their home environment.

  • 101 Mobility - is the leading national retailer, installer, and service provider for mobility and accessibility solutions such as wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, auto lifts, vertical lifts, patient lifts, and more.
  • 4-Stair Lifts - This site sells various stair lift products to allow senior citizens with certain disability to continue to live in their homes, even though it is extremely difficult for them to climb stairs.
  • Accessible Environments sells products for a person’s accessible and mobility needs. Contact the company for information about additional products.
  • Accessory Units(.pdf)
  • AmeriMark - This website offers a wide range of products which include: a Bath Safety Bar and Helper Upper Grab Bar. Type in the product names into the search box for more details.
  • Ableware - Manufactures the AbleRise Bed Rail Double. These bed rails can be placed on both sides of the bed to help older adults out of bed. Also includes storage pockets on the bed rail.
  • ActiveForever.com - This website provides a wide range of products that enable and help maximize independent living.
  • AD AS- The organization designs furnitures incorporating universal design.
  • Adaptive Access Company - This company provides a comprehensive range of accessible solutions to homes and businesses and offers accessible home remodeling and modifications in Houston Texas and the surrounding areas.
  • Adaptive Access sells ramps, grab bars and bath seats.
  • AdaptMy.com - Accessible products that fit with your decor and don't look institutional. From simple to simply beautiful, AdaptMy.com has ADA compliant and Universally Designed products.
  • The Alzheimer's Education & Referral Center - A service of the National Institute on Aging, the Center helps disseminate information about Alzheimer's disease and other related disorder.
  • Alzheimer Solutions - A great resource for caregivers in search of products that will make caring for a loved one easier and safer.
  • Alzheimer Store - Subsidary of Ageless Design, Inc., this Internet store specializes in Alzheimer's-related products that help Alzheimer's patient remain at home and the site also provides information to caregivers and families.
  • Auto Flushers - This site provides automatic soap dispensers, flush values, faucets, and etc. in order to provide a healthy and sanitary environment.
  • Best Bath - Best Bath is a leading American manufacturer of beautiful and accessible showers and walk-in tubs for home modification. Since 1971, Best Bath's dedication to making safe bathroom solutions for people of all abilities, is backed by our industry-leading 30 year warranty. For more information, call (800) 727-9907 or visit their website.
  • Bidet Toilet Seats For Sale - Bidet.org is a leading online retailer for electronic bidet toilet seats. With bidets ranging from $30-$600, they have a bidet for every budget.
  • Beyond Barriers - Offering a full line of accessible, barrier-free and universally designed products and services to improve daily living conditions for people with disabilities.
  • The Boulevard - Providing valuable information about quality products and services available to individuals with disabilities and Healthcare professionals.
  • CaregiverProducts.com - Offers a wide selection of home health care and medical equipment including: bath tub grab-bars, bed caddies, commode chairs, waterproof underpants and more.
  • Catalogs on Home Modifications for FREE
  • Can-We-Talk - This Web site features various voice recognition programs for homes and offices, it also features many useful products for people with physical, visual, learning and reading disabilities.
  • Closet Carousel - This web site features an innovative product that allows physically challenged individuals to reach for their belongings; this site includes a free 5 minutes audio introducing the product, free master plan design booklet, free design services, and install instructions.
  • Clarke Healthcare - Manufactures bath lifts, bath safety items, and walkers
  • 'Comfort Cape' - This product facilitates hair shampooing and reduces strain and discomfort for both the caregiver and recipient. Ideal for those with Alzheimer's, dementia, vertigo, scoliosis, autism, or previous neck or stroke problems.
  • Comfort Channel's Assistance Products for Seniors and Others - This site offers products such as mobility aids, wheelchair cushions, and lifted seat supporters to help older adults and disabled people.
  • The Disabled Living Foundation - If you have a disability you may to find out about the thousands of useful gadgets and adaptations that exist to make everyday tasks easier.
  • discountramps.com - The internet's leading retailer of both portable wheelchair ramps and modular ramp systems. We offer rock-bottom prices and free shipping on most ramps.
  • Dynamic Living, Inc. - We offer kitchen appliances, unique daily living products and home automation products that promote a convenient, comfortable and safe home environment for people of all ages.
  • Easy Climber - provides residential stair lift to senior adults who are having trouble navigating the stairs due to limited mobility.
  • Expanko - this company specializes in cork flooring, floating floor, recycled rubber and cork/rubber flooring. These products can help older adults and disabled people move around safely and are a form of fall prevention.
  • Express Medical Supply Inc. - is an online supplier of home medical supplies, including home mods such as shower rails and chairs, special seating / cushioning, and bedside aids like transfer benches and roll guards.
  • Friendly Beds - Free-standing heavy-duty framework over existing home beds having multiple assistive devices to improve safety (for person and caregiver), independence and comfort for the elderly/disabled.
  • Grabit - The portable grab bar manufacturer offers a new kind of grab bar that requires no drilling or stud and it can be positioned anywhere you need.
  • Greatgrabz manufactures stylish grab bars for residential and commercial properties.
  • Great Grips - Great Grips are for round doorknobs and also modify faucets. Great Grips are a very affordable alternative to lever hardware and often is the only viable option for seniors. We have now sold 1 million!
  • HandSteady are the creators of drinkSteady, a product with a handle and a rubber grip captures mugs, cans and wine glasses. Gravity stablizes the drink by allowing the handle to be twisted in two directions. A catch on the handle locks the mechanism to pour the drink into your mouth. Special effort went into designing an ergonomic handle to fit all hand sizes and to look like a popular thermos cup.
  • Handi-Ramp sells a variety of ramps and lifts.
  • Home Modifications and Repair (.pdf)
  • Hy~Gina Care - This personal portable showering system for the disabled people is user-friendly and it serves to bring hygienic care to the disabled person with great convenience.
  • Invisible Caregiver Innovations, LLC. - Maker of the OuttaBed and Off-The-Pot all in one grab bar products.
  • Just Home Medical - This website provides a wide range of home living products, such as bathroom grab bars, rolling walkers, and wheelchair ramps, to helps individuals maintain an active, independent, and safe lifestyle.
  • Just Walkers - Whether you need long-term mobility help or just temporary movement assistance, JustWalkers features products to meet all your needs. We have walkers, wheelchairs, and more.
  • Kohler Toilets - This site contains various toilets and other bathroom products that benefit the Universal Design. For example, the tank-less toilets takes up little space and installs in both walls and floors.
  • Leviton Universal Design Series Products for People of All Ages and Abilities - provides information on numerous Universal design products such as light switches, easier access to drapes, and radio switchers all to help improve the lives of senior adults.
  • Liftavator - Liftavator produces wheelchair lifts, elevators, and stair lifts for residential and commercial use.
  • Locator Beacons – This electric locator beacon is a flashing beacon will make it easier to locate missing dementia patients once they set foot out of the house.
  • MAC's Lift Gate Inc. - producers of simple, residential vertical platform lift.
  • Max-Ability Inc. - Provide a user-friendly, safe environment.
  • North Coast Medical - is full service supplier of products that help people perform daily activities at home and in the workplace.
  • Ocutech - Funded by National Institute of Health, the company develops and manufactures VES® low vision telescopic aids, including the VES® AutoFocus, which provides the most natural, hands-free magnification currently available.
  • Open Sesame - This Company manufactures automated door opening systems to provide convenience for people with disability. The range of products in the system have functions that unlatches, opens, and closes doors at the touch of a button; it also has battery-backup to prevent power outage, and a special transmitter that activates by applying pressure, which can be conveniently attached on wheelchair.
  • Otis - Produces the Otis Residential Elevator. The Otis Residential Elevator runs on standard household power and can be used for up to four stops.
  • Roll A Ramp - Roll-A-Ramp portable ramp gives wheelchair and scooter users an affordable option to more expensive chair lifts. Designed to allow greater mobility and freedom, Roll-A-Ramp provides portable access to vans, homes and buildings using the same ramp for all applications.
  • Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co. - Safe Step Tubs are one of the largest walk-in tub providers and many people seeking independence, safety and comfort have said these tubs changed their lives. Each tub comes standard with many features including hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and chromotherapy for therapeutic relief.
  • Safety Bath - Safety Bath products assists a person to bathe independently because of its easy and safe access for older adults and the disabled.
  • Safety Tubs - manufacturers of the walk-in tub The Independence. The Safety Tub features a high seat and other accessible features to promote independence.
  • Safeway Step - The Safeway Step® is a product and installation method designed to provide an economical renovation option for individuals and facilities interested in easier access into the bathtub area. The Safeway Step® can be used to retrofit your bath tub into a walk in shower. To find an installer near you or for more information, please call 855-882-7837 or visit www.safewaystep.com.
  • Savaria - producers of simple, residential vertical platform lift.
  • Shelf Conversions - This product supplies cupboard that waste no space and it brings the items you are looking for directly to you. The shelves are universally designed and customized for your specific height, width and accessibility.
  • Shower Bay - Shower Bay is a portable wheelchair shower that can be assembled in any room of the home without the need for an expensive and timely remodel.
  • SilverFox Link Medical Alert Watch/Pendant - The SilverFox Link (SFL) medical alert watch can be worn as a pendant or watch and has two-way voice (talk & listen) built into the device. The device has a large LED screen that illuminates in the dark and shows the current time/date and can be programmed remotely from a 24/7 Monitoring Central Station - located in North Hollywood - for over 30 years. SFL is a miniature wireless home base phone that receives inbound calls with Caller-ID and has a range of 500 feet.
  • Silvert's Specialty Clothing for Seniors - Silverts offers convenient online shopping options for easy wear clothing and accessories designed for seniors and provides useful information on dressing tips.
  • SourceLift - A distributor of wheelchair lifts, stair lifts, and handicap access since 1987.
  • Stove Guard - This product accommodates those who has Alzheimer’s Disease by turning the stove off when it does not detect motion in the room to help avoid hazardous stove top fires which is most common among senior citizens.
  • SupportPlus.com - This online store offers a wide variety of health-related products including comfort shoes, footcare items, and aids to daily living.
  • Tapmaster is a hands free non-electronic faucet.
  • ThyssenKrupp Access is one of the oldest providers of accessibility equipment. This site sells various types of lifting equipment and residential elevators.
  • Tub-Master manufactures different models of folding shower doors for bathroom accessibility
  • Window Ease - manufactures a handle system for existing or new windows to make them accessible for all users.


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