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A Consumer's Guide to Home Adaptation


The Consumer's Guide to Home Adaptation was originally produced through the Massachusetts Housing Partnership's Challenge Grant Program. It was developed for the 800,000 individuals in Massachusetts who have some physical or sensory limitation which requires modifications to their homes. This printing is for the 49 million people nationwide who may benefit from home adaptation. Although the "Resources" section is tailored to Massachusetts residents, you may find that your state has agencies similar to those listed.

We have organized this informaiton to help consumers make their own decisions about home adaptation. In preparing this book, we have built on the excellent resource developed by the American Association of Retired Persons, the Do-Able Renewable Home, written by John Salmen.

We are very interested in your experience using this guide. Please send your comments to the Adaptive Environments Center, 374 Congress Street, Suite 301, Boston, MA 02210.

Revised February 1995

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